Friday, August 15, 2014

Articulation Spinners

How do you keep your Articulation sessions fun and engaging? 

I often find myself struggling between getting my students to produce a large number of drills, quickly and easily providing visual/tactile/verbal cues (as needed), and keeping the session exciting so that they get don't bored.

My students are often moving around my room during our Articulation sessions either through centers or because we are playing a movement game (ex: musical chairs) so I am always looking for an easy way for them to keep all of their stimulus words together. I have used a set of articulation rings that I made back in graduate school and I also love the stimulus sheets from Mommy SpeechTherapy.  Recently, while browsing Pinterest I came across this idea of word spinners from Shining Our Lights.

I loved this idea and I thought it could be easily adapted for speech sound targets so I made a few spinners for /s/, /r/, and /sh/. You can grab them here for free.

These were very easy to assemble:
1. I printed all pages on card stock
2. I laminated each page
3. Cut out the circles on each page (the circle with the stimulus words on it is slightly smaller)
4. I attached the two circles together using a paper fastener

I think my students will enjoy using Articulation Spinners during this school year.
Remember to grab the Articulation Spinners for free. Please let me know how you like using this set.

What are some ways you keep your articulation sessions fun?

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