Sunday, February 23, 2014

African Folktales in Speech + A Freebie

This was our first "real" week in school since the beginning of the month.  We were off Monday and Tuesday for President's Day but we didn't have any snow days! So I decided to introduce some African folktales to my students.  I love folktales for their plot twists and interesting characters.
One of the folktales that my students really enjoyed was "How Zebras Got Their Stripes". After reading, we completed different activities to reinforce their learning objectives.

We reviewed story elements by answering questions using these cards I put together.
We also practiced sentence construction using Jungle Build A Sentence.

Some of my younger students worked on simple vocabulary identification and identification by description.

I used this Safari Bingo set to get my students to identify vocabulary by description. I gave a description of one of the words on the bingo board and my students found the word based on the description.  This small bingo set is available for you to use in my Google Drive here.
We also made these cute zebra crafts.

Do you use any folktales in your instruction?
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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