Monday, November 11, 2013

Conference Week!

Parent-Teacher conferences are upon us and I thought I would write a short post about how I prepare for conference week.  I know every school and district handles conferences a little differently but I hope that you will find some of my tips to be helpful.
In my district, related services don’t have separate conferences so most times we (speech, PT, OT, etc.)  have to piggy back off of the teacher’s time.  At times this can be a little difficult because teachers are only allotted about 30 minutes per conference.  So we have to share a lot of information in a short amount of time. 
 I work in 4 self-contained classes and I also have a caseload of resource students.  So I have tried to a develop a system to successfully tackle conference week.  Here is what I’ve done the past few years.
Before conference week:
·         I consult with all of the teachers I work with and determine what conferences they would like me to attend.
·         I make a conference schedule.
·         I review student work files.
During conference week:
·         I meet with parents during the classroom teacher’s conference time.
·         I bring a short outline with me to the conference.
·         I go over the student’s speech and language objectives with the parents.
·         I address any concerns I may have with the parent.
·         I give the parents suggestions for communication building at home and in the community.
Due to scheduling difficulty there are a few parents who I may not get to meet with face to face.  I make contact with these parents through the notes I send home and encourage them to contact me by phone if they have any questions or concerns about their child. 
I hope these tips will help your parent-teacher conferences run smoothly.  Please share with me any tips you may have. Thanks for reading!