Thursday, August 15, 2013

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books... JEOPARDY GAME!

Think back..
11th grade..
American History..
It's Wednesday..
There's a midterm on Friday..
Your American History teacher has come up with a "fun" way to review some of the material that will be on Friday's test..
Cue PowerPoint Jeopardy..

Am I the only one who remembers playing these review games?? I actually COMPLETELY forgot about them until a professional development day this past May on the new teacher evaluation (yikity yikes).  One of the presenters used PowerPoint Jeopardy to review some key facts from the presentation.  It actually brought back some fond and not so fond memories of my all girls Catholic High School days (le sigh)... 


I started thinking, "I could totally make a speech-friendly version of that and use it with my kiddos".. So I did!

One of the books I plan on using during my Back-to-School theme is There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books by: Lucille Colandro. So I made a PowerPoint Jeopardy game to review vocabulary and details from the story. 

The idea is of this game is pretty similar to the TV show.  You can find templates of PPT Jeopardy all over the net.  I downloaded my template of the Microsoft Office website. 

This is the main board.  I used 3 categories instead of 5 or 7.  Once the point value is clicked the game goes directly to the question in that category. 

Once the student answers the question the answer will be revealed.  I will then decide if the student has earned the point for that question.  The home button returns the game back to the main page.

Once all of the questions are answered then the game goes into Final Jeopardy. 
My students usually get excited any time we use the computer in Speech so I am hoping they will love this game. 
Do you use PowerPoint games in your therapy sessions?
Thanks for reading. 


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