Sunday, August 11, 2013

Instagram instants!!

There are a few things I've grown to love a little more this summer break..
  • Junior's Strawberry Cheesepie
  • Running
  • Curly Hair
  • Statement Necklaces
And last but not least Instagram..
Are you on Instagram?? You should be...
I've had a personal Instagram for quite a while now and it wasn't until this summer that I discovered the vast amount of SLP/Teachers through this social network.  I love how easy it is to share pictures and ideas within the teaching community. 
Here are a few of my recent Instagram posts.

One of my yummy green smoothies

 OOTD selfie at a family BBQ
 New schedules for next year
 Binder deal from Target
 One of my many laminating trips to Lakeshore


There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books Jeopardy Game
(blog on this project coming this week)

You can see all of my posts on Instagram @bespeechchic
If you don't want to join ANOTHER social network (trust me, I know the feeling) but you still want to keep up with you favorite SLPs and Teachers you can use a Instragram webviewer (I like webstagram). You don't have to sign up or join just search your favorite teachers or hashtags i.e. #slpeeps you will still be able to see some great pictures.  

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Hi, Thanks for following me on Bloglovin, I am following you as well. I just got an Instagram account recently but it is a nice way to post photos and share.

    my instagram name is @diaryofatrendaholic

  2. Hi Erica! Don't you just love IG!