Thursday, July 25, 2013

Linky: Show Me The Data!!!

Hi Loves!
So I'm here with another "link-up" post.  Jenn from Crazy Speech World started a linky that is all about DATA.  This topic comes at just the right time because for the past few nights I've started to put together my data binder for next year.  So how do *I* do data?!?!


  • Start with a binder and divider tabs.
  • Each student has their own section with their individual data sheets.
  • Fill in data sheets with student goals and objectives.
This data sheet is based on a similar form that I used during my student teaching.  Over the years I have tweaked it to best meet my needs.  This form includes a section for name, annual review date, annual goal, short term objectives, notes, and percentage summary. Once I have added all necessary information to the form I print off a few copies and add it to my binder.  I only add percentages to this form so I can easily average progress towards goal.  I see most of my students 3-4x per week so I take ALOT of data so just having the percentages on this form makes my life so much easier. 

I use this form to take *raw* data. This is the BEST data sheet I have ever used!!! I found this form in some of my files.  I'm guessing it was given to me by a colleague or one of my professors.  I keep copies of this form in a file box on my desk. When I get to school in the morning I add these forms to my clipboard and fill in the objective(s) based on my lesson plans for the day.  At the end of the day I calculate the percentages and then add them to individual student forms in my binder.  Once I am finished I send these sheets to our school shredder. 
I also have a few students who I take unofficial data on.
I use this form from Therasimplicity to take data on my students who have a communication device. I also keep this form in my data binder.   In my district, we don't typically write AAC goals but I like to take data on device usage because it is good information to share with parents during annual review/conference time. 
So there is my slightly crazy data collection system. What's yours?


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Love it List It: My go to games!!!

Hey Lovelies!!

Jenna Rayburn over at Speech Room News has started a new link-up for SLPs and when I saw the topic I just had to join in!

The topic for this month is FAVORITE GAMES. I have to admit I am probably the one Speech Pathologist in all of the world that doesn't use games consistently in therapy.  My caseload is mainly non-verbal, low functioning students with Autism and we spend a lot of our time working on functional communication skills.  I do however have a few go-to games that I use with my non self-contained kiddos.

  • Block Head - This is a pretty opened ended game that can be used to target any speech or language objective.  I usually let the kids add a block to the tower after they've answered a question or said their sound. 

  • Thin Ice - My kiddos LOVEEEE this game.  I use this pretty much in the same way I use Block Head. It's so funny because my students will get so nervous about "breaking the ice" and they love taking turns spraying the "ice" (tissue).  Sadly, some of the pieces turned up missing from this game so I had to throw it away.  I'm currently on the hunt for another one.

  • Cat In The Hat: I Can Do That - I love using this game during Dr. Seuss Week at our school.  You can target many skills with this game: turn-taking, following directions, sequencing, and vocabulary building.  This is one of the more expensive games that I own but it was definitely worth it.

  Honorable Mentions:
Angry Birds Toss Game
Apples to Apples
Be Rhymed!
What are some of your favorites?!?