Saturday, June 8, 2013

Camera DUMP!!

Why are the last few weeks of school always so crazy? We have exactly 10 more days to go! Here are some pictures of what we've done in therapy these past few weeks...

The end of the year means lots of field trips.  The second graders were lucky enough to visit the zoo! My self contained class worked on these letters to the zoo keeper. They also made the super cute zoo books from Making Learning Fun.

*The Zoo Keeper letter template is from Hands On Reading. 
*Peek-a-Zoo Book was purchased at Sam's Club

My 1st and 2nd graders are still working on identifying and answering questions about story elements. Splat the Cat was one of the books we read last week. We worked on answering questions using Thumball: Parts of a Story.  I just got this Comprehension Question Tub from Lakeshore and it is very similar to Thumball.  I can't wait to use this next year.   

I am also trying to work on sentence construction with my kiddos because our principal wants students writing in all settings.


The graphic orgnizer is from Thinking Out Loud and the who + did what cards are from This Reading Mama. *fyi they are both freebies. 

These awesome sentence construction worksheets are from The Autism Tank.  

Some of my lower students worked on the Picture the Sentence app.  I really like this app because it not only targets sentence constrution but it helps to build auditory memory skills as well.  The data tracking on this app is great too. 
I hope all of you who are still working (like me) finish up the year strong and to those of you who are already on break ENJOY IT!
Happy (almost) Summer!


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