Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School Daze!!!

Hey Y'all!! Has the last few weeks of school been absolutely CUHRAZY for anyone else?  We have 13 days left and I am seriously drained.  I do apologize for slacking on blogging but I been trying to spend quality time with my loved ones whenever I get a free minute. 

While I have you here...

I have been trying to figure out what materials I want to order for next year.  Believe it or not I actually HATE ordering materials.  NOT because I don't like to try new things but because no matter how much I research a product, it is ALWAYS hit or miss with me. 

For next year, I definately want to order more AAC devices.  Currently I have:

Hip Step Talker - I took this out of the pouch and just use it as a two button device.  Great for YES/NO ?s, requests, & greetings. 

Language Master - This is super OLD SCHOOL but I love it! Great for vocabulary building.

On the Go 7 Level Communication Builder - I used this alot during small group lessons. 

I would like to have a few 1 button devices (i.e. BIG MACK).  But they can get pricey.

That's all I have on my list for right now.  I plan on using my iPad more often during my sessions next school year as well.   Please share with me some of the therapy tools you love!!

Happy June/Summer!!!

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