Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Countdown.. Cue Beyonce... We have officially reached single digits!!!! 8 school days until summer break. Woo Hoo!! ((triple backflip))

I am excited and stressed at the same time.. I have a few more IEP meetings to attend.. Summer packets to create.. Cleaning my room.. Crazy crazy days ahead..

Once school is done I plan on taking it pretty easy. I'm pretty sure I'll be working the Extended School Year program which can be lots of fun! I like working ESY because I get to meet new kiddos and the overall experience is a lot less stressful than the regular school year. I also want to get some reading done. I've been reading this book by Joshilyn Jackson for the last 6 months (le sigh).

Every time I sit down to read more important things come up and I have to put it down. I AM going to find time to finish this book. So those are my summer plans. What do you have planned for this summer?


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  2. getting out of school is always exciting!! :)))

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