Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy Days...

Hey y'all... Sorry for the unexpeceted hiatus but both my professional and personal lives have been all kinds of crazy these past few weeks.. Things are starting to slow up just a bit which makes me very happy...

So in between all the paperwork, meetings, conferences and craziness we've actually been able to get some work done in my speech room!! I mentioned in a past post that we were going to start a unit on Dinosaurs this month. I am happy to report we were able to squeeze in most of the things I had planned..

We worked on retelling and sequencing stories after reading this book using Braidy (my fave)...

We also reviewed shape and color concepts using this fun craft from www.allkidsnetwork.com

Introducing Shape-a-saurus

I found this great book in the bargain section at Barnes & Noble.  It came with about  10 mini dinos and a play mat.  We used it to work on following directions. 

 I wrote directions on index cards and we played a "Gold Fish" type game with them. I also downloaded a few apps for the iPad to use as reinforcing activities. 

I hope you all are taking it easy these last few weeks of school.. Don't tell anyone but I am counting down the days.  :-)

Happy Monday!!

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