Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poor Badger!!

I recently completed a unit with my kiddos on a book by Keiko Kasza called "Badger's Fancy Meal".

I absolutely LOVE this book. It is great for working on sequencing and oral retelling.

I had a few IEP/curriculum goals in mind that I wanted to target with this book.

  • Oral retelling
  • Grade appropriate vocabulary development
  • Categorizing

After reading the book, I modeled oral retelling using Braidy: The Story Braid (picture cards and poster).

Then I let the kids take turns retelling the stories in their own words.

Next it was on to our craftivity! "A New Meal for Badger". I wanted my students to categorize foods and non foods. We also worked on "where" questions (Where do we find milk in the supermarket?) during this craft.

The materials I used were: Paper plates, glue, scissors, and old supermarket circulars.

Once the meals were completed, they looked like this...

This turned out to be a very fun lesson! Have you used this book in therapy? What do you do?