Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Whoa! So I admit, I have totally neglected my little blog.  I always have good intentions of blogging regularly but then life gets in the way AND days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into well you know.

In an effort to get back into the swing of things, I decided to give Speech Chic a complete facelift!!! Over the last few weeks I’ve worked with Laura from Teach Pray Love Designs and as you can see she is AHMAZING!!! She took my vision and made my blog the prettiest it’s ever been.  I am so excited, I can’t stop staring at it.  Please check Laura’s website for all your design needs.  It was really a pleasure working with her.    

I cannot wait for the school year to begin so that I can continue to share all of the things that we are working on this year. 
Let me know how you like the new design.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Articulation Spinners

How do you keep your Articulation sessions fun and engaging? 

I often find myself struggling between getting my students to produce a large number of drills, quickly and easily providing visual/tactile/verbal cues (as needed), and keeping the session exciting so that they get don't bored.

My students are often moving around my room during our Articulation sessions either through centers or because we are playing a movement game (ex: musical chairs) so I am always looking for an easy way for them to keep all of their stimulus words together. I have used a set of articulation rings that I made back in graduate school and I also love the stimulus sheets from Mommy SpeechTherapy.  Recently, while browsing Pinterest I came across this idea of word spinners from Shining Our Lights.

I loved this idea and I thought it could be easily adapted for speech sound targets so I made a few spinners for /s/, /r/, and /sh/. You can grab them here for free.

These were very easy to assemble:
1. I printed all pages on card stock
2. I laminated each page
3. Cut out the circles on each page (the circle with the stimulus words on it is slightly smaller)
4. I attached the two circles together using a paper fastener

I think my students will enjoy using Articulation Spinners during this school year.
Remember to grab the Articulation Spinners for free. Please let me know how you like using this set.

What are some ways you keep your articulation sessions fun?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Musical Chairs: Speech and Langauge Style

Hello Friends

I don’t know about you all but the last month has been absolute craziness at my school.  In between snow days, special holidays, meeting make-ups, and standardized testing my speech and language sessions have been just a bit disjointed.  Last week, I found myself in between theme units.  I finished up most of my St. Patrick’s Day things but I didn’t want to start my Spring unit yet.  While browsing Pinterest, I saw this great idea for musical chairs by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.  I adapted the game to fit my students’ objectives and they had a ton of fun.


We played three versions of this game. 

  • For my speech students, we played musical chairs in the traditional way by walking around the chairs until the music stopped.  The child who was “out” then had to say their sound 3 times

  • I also printed up some question cards for my students who are working on answering questions and sentence construction. Again, we played traditional style and the child who was “out” had to pick a question to answer. The child who “won” had to pick 3 questions to answer. You can grab a copy of my question cards for FREE (click on picture).


  • I also had a chance to play this game with some of my students who are just beginning to develop play skills.  This was great chance for them to work on turn taking and following directions. 

The best thing about this game is that it can be easily adapted for any speech and language objective your students are working to develop. 

Do you play any movement games in your sessions?

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Oh hey! A Sale!! What's In Your Cart?

There is nothing I love more than a good sale. Most of my weekends are spent couponing or browsing the clearance rack looking for bargains at my favorite stores.  However, finding therapy materials on a tight budget can be somewhat difficult.  That is why I love when Teachers Pay Teachers throws a sale (they only have a few site-wide sales per year).  It is a great way to get quality therapy materials at a discount.  Guess What?? Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a sale Thursday (2/27) and Friday (2/28) of THIS WEEK!!!  During the sale you can save up to 28% on your purchases by entering the code TPT3 when you check out.

Many thanks to Jenna from Speech Room News for hosting the "What's In Your Cart?" linky. Now I can share with you some of the materials I plan on adding to my collection during this sale. 

So.. What's In My Cart??

St. Patrick's Day Glyphs from The Speech Bubble
I purchased the Winter Glyphs from The Speech Bubble and my students loved tthe different glyph options.  I can't wait to add this version to my classroom. 

Flip It For Apraxia from GoldCountrySLP
 I can never have to many Apraxia materials.
Catch A Leprechaun Craftivity from A Cupcake for the Teacher
While you are browsing stop by my store I have a few things you may be interested in purchasing.
I am so ready for Spring! I recently added these Spring materials to my store!

I also have this Articulation packet in my store.  

Remember to stop by Teachers Pay Teachers this Thursday and Friday to catch the sale. 
I would love to know What's In Your Cart?




Sunday, February 23, 2014

African Folktales in Speech + A Freebie

This was our first "real" week in school since the beginning of the month.  We were off Monday and Tuesday for President's Day but we didn't have any snow days! So I decided to introduce some African folktales to my students.  I love folktales for their plot twists and interesting characters.
One of the folktales that my students really enjoyed was "How Zebras Got Their Stripes". After reading, we completed different activities to reinforce their learning objectives.

We reviewed story elements by answering questions using these cards I put together.
We also practiced sentence construction using Jungle Build A Sentence.

Some of my younger students worked on simple vocabulary identification and identification by description.

I used this Safari Bingo set to get my students to identify vocabulary by description. I gave a description of one of the words on the bingo board and my students found the word based on the description.  This small bingo set is available for you to use in my Google Drive here.
We also made these cute zebra crafts.

Do you use any folktales in your instruction?
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Pinterest Round Up


If you are anything like me then Pinterest just might be an addiction.  I love browsing Pinterest for home, fashion, and of course teaching ideas. Lately, I've been pinning lots of ideas for St. Patrick's Day and I wanted to share them with all of you. 
Links to the original blog post/product page are provided below each picture.
If you have been following my blog for awhile then it's no secret that I LOVE using pictures books in therapy.  They can be used to target a variety of therapy goals like vocabulary building, listening comprehension, oral retelling, social language, etc. I pinned the two books below and I can't wait to use them this year.  
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
Bright Baby Touch and Feel St Patrick's Day
I also love to make crafts with my students to work on following oral and written directions.
Texture Collage Shamrock by: No Time For Flashcards
Paper Plate Leprechaun by: She Knows Parenting
It is always great when I can find fun writing ideas!
Catch a Leprechaun by: A Cupcake For The Teacher
If I Were A Leprechaun by: Jungle Learners
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I'm off to plan for my African Folktales Week! (more on that later!)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Football Fun!


Hi Friends
The past few weeks were full of excitement in my speech room! We learned about the football and talked about the upcoming Super Bowl! Believe it or not, many of my students knew very little about the Super Bowl or football in general. 


We began by using my "What's Buzz Word" visuals to define different football related words.  



Using these visuals has helped my students who struggle with vocabulary SO much.

I also found 2 great games on TPT from Crazy Speech World and The Speech Bubble
My students found the Quarterback Comprehension Cards to be absolutely hilarious.

The Football Listening Comprehension Cards really got my 2nd graders thinking and focused on details. 


On Fun Friday, we made these super cute Seattle Seahawk and Denver Bronco players.  I grabbed this idea from Craptastic Crafts For Kids! ( I love that name BTW). We also made predictions about who we thought would win the Super Bowl!


Have a great Super Bowl Weekend!